Large Volumes of Timber

1)Importer Credibility

When you are buying in large volumes, buyer-supplier relationships are more important. You are making a larger investment, so it is important to see the return on this investment. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a timber importer who has the necessary certifications and quality products.

2) Responsiveness

It is advantageous to work with a timber agent who is easy to contact both in the post and pre-purchase. For example, you may need more advice on timber product specifications to make a more informed decision. Or you may have some concerns after product delivery. Working with a responsive supplier helps you resolve these easily.

3) Importer Experience

Timber has various grades and certifications. These could impact anything from the end customer satisfaction to import. For example, if correct certifications are not in place, your timber could be confiscated by customs officials. There are many different grades of timbers along with different interpretations of these grades from sawmill to sawmill. Therefore working with experienced suppliers gives you confidence the product will be fit for purpose when it arrives.

In the PETAL team we cover all these points giving our buyers confidence in our products and service, which is why we are “ Your trusted Timber Partner”  Please call us with any enquiries or any advice.