Wood Millworks

We see an increase in high rise timber structures. So can timber shape future’s architecture?

Various hardwoods and softwoods are long being used in the interior of buildings, millworks, door and window frames. However, the extensive use of timber in the construction industry is something which has recently started. For example, The One North office (which uses various types of wood including Western Red Cedar) and the Long House Project (which demonstrates the use of timber in large building constructions) are both designed in the last decade. Undoubtedly, these large timber designs have become both pioneers in their field and contributed to sustainability.

Timber Buildings to Continue Rising

However, recently, architects started to design not only large timber structures but high rise timber structures. As such, today the use of timber in ”high rise buildings” is a new hot topic. Historically there are not many buildings fitting into this category. For example, T3 in US Minnesota is one of the few.

But the case for timber looks compelling-While limitations of building with timber prevail, examples continue to increase. Even though not in the UK, around the world the interest in timber construction is growing. For example, Sweden and US. Sweden is planning to build several skyscrapers in Stockholm, where architects were commissioned to design towers made from cross-laminated timber. Similarly, articles state that in the US, some cities have already legalised the mass timber high rise buildings. 

Overall, the development in the constructions industry signals the increase in the high rise timber structures. So, there is a possibility that we may see more and more timber skyscrapers in the future.