decking chance

Many house owners have slowly started to plan for the decking materials that they will buy. They value durability and affordability, So in order to cater to these customers well, timber importers are required to have the highest quality decking in their inventory ready.

As a seller of these products surely you could go for cheaper and uncertified alternatives. But would you risk the damage given to the environment?An uncertified alternative may be less costly, but would you chance the poor customer satisfaction?

Decking Buyers, how to select the right supplier?

Clearly, the deforestation caused as a result of uncertified logging has hit the worst rate in 10 years. This type of logging still threatens the sustainability of our forests. Here we are not referring to a single company, there are so many intermediaries operating in the timber supply chain that it is easy to lose track of correct certifications. If you do not want to be a part of this problem, It is very important to work with a timber supplier, who can help eliminate this risk and provide you with the certified products.

Customer satisfaction is the second issue. Products need to deliver their promise the same goes for the decking. Buyers do not want to be replacing decking in a few years time, therefore, they are looking for long lasting durable products. So, even though it is cost effective for the seller,  a cheaper, uncertified decking may not live up to their expectations. Therefore, In order to avoid customer complains, you should select a supplier providing high quality, certified products.

Petal has many certifications in this field and prioritises due diligence. Moreover, in the decking area, it supplies high-quality Ipe,Cumaru and Balau . Please check our individual product pages for more information. Especially for people looking for a high-quality affordable alternative Cumaru is ideal. Contact us to learn more about our offers…