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Greener Goals

Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are two factors guiding the sustainability work of the company. The need for green solutions stems from customers’ demand for sustainable products, worsening global problems such as climate change, pollution, species extinction… While most industries invest in greener products, reducing the carbon emission has become the sustainability goal of the UK.

Timber’s Benefits

Various benefits of timber: high thermal properties and strength have contributed to its usage by builders. In addition to these, the beauty and warmth that timber designs can bring into our living spaces has accelerated the use of timber by designers and architects.

But the most important aspect of the timber is waiting to be discovered…Sustainability

Timber is one of the most sustainable and renewable building materials for construction and joinery industries. As such, experts draw attention to the benefits of integrating responsibly sourced timber into our living spaces. In the 2018 report published by Royal Academy of Engineering, the use of timber in construction is cited to enable carbon to be stored in infrastructure. Moreover, as trees mature they start to absorb the CO2 in the atmosphere slower. Therefore, the harvest of these trees enables new planting and CO2 production to continue. So the use of timber benefits the environment greatly.

“Timber reduces the environmental impacts of buildings, making them more sustainable. Most importantly all of these green benefits happen in addition to all design, easy building, and insulation advantages”

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